Meet Mike Bennett


Artist mike bennett

Mike was born in Robersonville North Carolina in 1958. He started drawing at an early age and he's mostly self taught. Bennett attended school at Oak City High and received a scholarship for year 1975-1976 to the North Carolina School of The Arts in Winston Salem, NC. There, he met Artist Anthony "Tony" Griffin who is the brother and law of the world renown Fresco Artist Ben Long. Bennett spent his summers in the mountains with Long, working on drawing and painting while helping mix lime plaster for The Last Supper Fresco in Glendale Springs, NC. Having to teachers of the classical arts and living in the surrounding area, Bennett taught himself through practice. His work can be seen throughout the local communities in homes and business around the area. He has painted murals at the following churches:

Weeping Mary Baptist - Hassell, NC
Jones Chapel - Hassell, NC
Roberson Chapel - Parmele NC
Bethel Baptist - Bethel, NC
St. James Museum - Robersonville, NC
Blount Bridgers House - Tarboro, NC
Green Museum of Art - Greenville, NC
Grimesland Baptist - Grimesland NC

Mentors and friends

Bennett studied the works of the old and modern day Master Artists such as Jeffery Mims, Chuck Kaspner, Tony Griffin and Ben Long. Other colleagues include

Richard Wilson - Greenville, NC
Napoleon Hill - Enfield, NC
Dan and Van Early - Raleigh, NC
James Melvin - Nags Head, NC